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Prague Castle – Mala Strana – Charles Bridge
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Gardens – Quay with swans – Charles Bridge
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Old Town Square – Astronomical Clock – Charles Bridge
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Republic Square – On Prykop – Wenceslas Square – Havel Market – Old Town Square

We have created an itinerary filled with the unique Prague Christmas holiday atmosphere. Shooting along this route will be available only during the Christmas season in Prague:

28 November 2022 – 5 January 2023.

Would you like to have unique photos of a Chrismas holiday in Prague? This route will provide them!

About #Photcha

  • We do short photo shoots in popular historical places of the town.
  • For you to take away memorable, professional pictures shot in Prague.

We have selected the best photo itinerary in Prague. We offer individual photography, an engagement tour, a family photo shoot with children and parents, a wedding and anniversary photo shoot. You can book with the friends or as a gift for other person. You can buy a gift certificate for a photo shoot in Prague and make your loved people happy with a nice gift.

Merge speed, quality and usability for our customers.

We have made the booking process easy and we provide our services as clearly as possible. Now the expectations are clear even for those who book a photo shoot for the first time. We are currently working in Prague, but two new locations will be opened in 2020: Rome and Venice. We keep developing the best photographic routes in other cities.

Photographer, editor, manager, marketer.

We are a team of professionals who joined forces 3 years ago to form the #Photcha photo agency. Each of us focuses on what they know best and enjoy. Photographers give their best shot, the editor sprinkles magic over your photos and the polite manager talks to you and answers all your questions.

Photographer in Prague for an hour.

We started testing the new concept in 2016. At that time, almost no one offered “Photographer for one hour in Prague”. As we discovered, this was in high demand by tourists who come to Prague for merely a few days. You don’t want to spend your time on a photo shoot lasting several hours, when you want to take just a few pictures to remember your trip. And the price for those lengthy tours was unreasonably high. We saw that we could fix these problems, and invited top-ranked photographers to help us select perspective colleagues from Prague with good taste and technique. They gave them a lot of advice and taught them how to get a stable and high-quality result. They also recommended an experienced editor and she joined us.

Speed and quality.

As a result, we formed a united team of real professionals. We have optimized our business processes for efficiency. This allowed us to reduce the cost while keeping quality high. In addition, we increased our throughput, including the production of completed photos. When most photographers send the pictures in two weeks or longer, we do it in 5 days. Our photographers don’t need to spend time on photo post-processing and marketing, and the editor does post-processing only.

Easy and clear.

Because more than half of our clients book a photo shoot first, it is important to have the comfort of personal communication and clarity of the photo service, especially in a town you don’t know. We understand it, so we made the process of booking a photo shoot useful and easy. To reach this goal, we removed the booking deposit, worked on a booking form and made an informative and user-friendly website.

Feedback is important.

We always receive feedback from our customers. Feedback indicates that we are moving in the right direction. We welcome critiques and new ideas, and would be very grateful to you for any opinion offered. Ask your questions and we will answer it in 24 hours.

How can I book the photoshoot?

Use this booking form. Prepayment is not needed.

How do I pay?

You pay in cash on the day of shooting. You do not have to pay a deposit.

When and how will I receive the photos?

We will upload the processed photos to our cloud storage (high resolution) and send a personal link to your email within 5 days. The pictures will be stored for 1 year.

How many people can be part of my photo tour?

Up to 5 people for one photo shoot. Let us know if you are a bigger party and we will offer you a comfortable solution.

How do you process photos?

Each photo is manually edited: color correction, light correction, cropping, and optimizing for prints and internet. You get photos two sizes: in hi-res (for printing) and reduced size (for posting). Skin retouching is not included.

Can I have the RAW photos?

Yes, it is possible. The provision of raws is not included in packages. Please inform us in advance if this is important for you. The cost of this extra service (author’s compensation) is 50€. The size of zip-file is from 4 to 10 GB. Billing is at the end of the shooting. You will receive a link to the RAW files together with the edited pictures. Please be aware that the period of storage of unprocessed photos will be only 1 month for download.

Do you shoot wedding or a event?

We can do photo shoot in wedding gown. But we don’t shoot weddings and events. You’d better contact wedding photographers. For example, here. Our specialty is photo tours for guests of Prague.

I have lost or deleted my pictures. Is it possible to recover them?

Yes, it is. Don’t worry, your photos will be stored in our cloud for 12 months. It’s completely free! You can download or view your photos again for one year from the date of the photo shoot. Remember to take care of your photos by yourself at the end of this period: save them in at least two physically separate spots.

None of the listed tours fit my needs.

If you do not like any listed itineraries, please contact us and we will make an individual offer according to your wishes. Email us:

Pick Prague itinerary

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